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Website are always on. Visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they need to be fully functioning, fully-engaging and fully focussed on their purpose. A bad website is all over the place, trying to be all things to all people. A properly designed web page has a very specific goal in mind, one targeted directly at converting customers, whatever those customers may look like. However, it’s a balancing act. Websites can’t be too functional-looking, because if users aren’t engaged straight away they’ll simply leave. The best sites both impress and immerse: keeping people involved until such a time they can be converted. At Detail Marketing, we factor all this in, implementing the very best design strategies to create beautiful websites that work harder for you.

CMS Website Design

With out doubt the most cost effective way of developing a website is using a CMS platform. CMS platforms also make it quick and easy to make basic changes without the need to know any complicated coding. Our developers are WordPress experts and this is our CMS of choice for static websites and small eCommerce stores.

Ecommerce Website Design

For retailers, an eCommerce website is a crucial part of your businesses. In a great many cases it is THE part, making it incredibly important that it works seamlessly. At Detail Marketing, we have options to suit most budgets, and we use a variety of platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento and even custom builds. Throughout the process, we work in tandem with you, providing step-by-step design consultation so we both understand what the goal of the website is, as well as how to develop a customer journey in a way that will create real results.

Bespoke Website Design

Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just isn’t going to cut it. Your business might be offering something truly unique, something a standard CMS just isn’t going to do justice to. At Detail Marketing, our bespoke web design takes a tailored approach to web design. No templates or outsourcing abroad – everything is designed around you and your brand. We tailor your entire site to the unique idiosyncrasies and characters traits of you and your business, creating an end product that is as uniquely individual as you are.

Brochure Website Design

Brochure websites are stylish yet straightforward sites that are perfect for brands just starting out on the web. Quick to build, cost-effective and offering unlimited possibilities for expansion and new product ranges, the brochure sites we design are intended to make your brand look as good as it possible can. We use cutting-edge designs, upgraded themes and make sure to build in the latest trends in web design such as animated feature images and content scrollers.

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