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SEO matters. Whether you’re a local business or an eCommerce site looking to take over the world, appearing in the top few results within a search engine massively increases your business exposure. At Detail Marketing, we not only work to increase traffic but convert that traffic into enquiries or sales. By carrying out a detailed audit of your content, including technical SEO like errors in your website and competitor analysis, we can develop an SEO strategy that will have you competing for space at the top of Google. Below are the key elements of our SEO service.

On-Page SEO

The search engines want to show the best results to their users. They therefore need to know what you do for in order to show you to your customers. They also want to ensure that their users have a good experience so will not rank websites that have errors, are slow or offer a poor experience. As SEO experts, our on-page SEO service uses best practice making sure your website is clear and easy to read by the search engines as well as being free of errors so that nothing stands in the way of good rankings.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is often an overlooked aspect of the overall SEO of a website. Often either website owners or SEO Agencies will focus on content and 0ff-page SEO but will mis key technical issues that will not only hinder a users ability to navigate your website but the search engines ability to index it clearly. Common issues such as broken links, 404 errors, speed issues, poor internal linking structure, missing headers will significantly impact rankings and need to be addressed for a website to perform well in the rankings.

Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

Every major search engine looks at who is linking with you as a key ranking factor. Links build up your websites authority and trust making them a hugely important factor when it comes to ranking and visibility. A website that has a lot of authority built up mover time is always going to outrank a website that is new to market, this is due to them having a much stronger link profile. The simplest way to explain a link is to think of it is a vote. The more votes you have the better your website will rank. However, in link building not all votes are equal and a website that has a lot of authority, history and relevance linking to you is going to pass on a lot more value than a link from a forum or a directory. Link Building is arguably the most important factor in an SEO campaign as without it a website cannot compete in competitive marketplaces. It is also the aspect of SEO that requires the most resources and strategy as there is little to no point building a few links here and there. Knowing what links the competition have and how those links are linking to the competition enables us develop a strategy to get website competing with them.

Content Strategy

Ever heard the phrase Content is King? Well it is and it isn’t. These days all aspects of SEO are king and they all fit together like a jigsaw. Content is one of the key pieces of the jigsaw and needs a strategy to maximise its impact. Understand what users are searching for and creating content topics around these search terms is a great way of driving extra traffic and delivering your website to a much larger pool of users. Not only this but a website that has 50 pages about a subject compared to a website that has 5 pages is a lot more relevant and is more than likely to outrank it as Google are going to want to deliver this website to its users.

User Experience (UX)

A website that generates traffic but converts poorly is often a website that offers a poor user experience. SEO isn’t just about increasing traffic, it is also about how that traffic engages with a website and maximising conversions. We will use tools such as Google Analytics to understand user behaviour and using best practice will put forward suggestions to website layout, page formatting, calls to action, message and so on… to help your users engage with your website and increase conversions.

Local SEO

People aren’t searching for you, they’re searching for what you can do for them. People often look in their local area, and often use search terms you wouldn’t think of. There’s also a basic truth: if you don’t appear in the first page of the search results, people aren’t going to find you. As local SEO experts, our local SEO strategies combine best practice, making sure your website appears when people search for what you do in the local area.

Technical SEO

There are many disreputable SEO agencies out there that will try and get away with doing the bare minimum without a great deal of technical expertise. At Detail Marketing, we love the nitty gritty technical stuff. We know how Technical SEO works, from sitemaps to URL structure, and work hard to make sure it’s all operating in perfect harmony. This ensures your page is perfectly optimised so you have the best possible advantage in terms of increased engagement and performance.

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