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Delivering long-term SEO results for Manchester businesses 

Personalised SEO services for more qualified search traffic to your site.

As a Manchester-based business, it is key that your website is visible when somebody searches for what you do. To increase your visibility, a carefully planned SEO campaign should be implemented to outrank your competitors. 

As a freelance SEO consultant in Manchester, I will work closely with you to ensure that we develop a campaign that matches your long term business goals.

I can help identify the opportunities for your business to gain more traffic from organic search. Whether that’s through expanding your content marketing efforts or spotting local search opportunities.

If your customers cannot find your Manchester-based business or services, you need SEO support – get in touch via or call me on 07702 288369.

The power of SEO 

SEO has the ability to increase the visibility of your business online and help drive quality traffic to your site. As a result, you’ll get higher conversion rates, a better ranking with search engines and have the potential to increase business revenue.  

As an expert SEO consultant in Manchester, I have the skills and experience that your company needs to achieve its business goals. 

Manchester SEO services for greater visibility 

SEO shouldn’t be considered a ‘dark art’, but it does take understanding: if you are going to make your Manchester search campaigns a success, you need to understand how search engines view your website, your content and be open to making changes to improve your ranking.

Search engine ranking needs a combination of factors, including page speed, fixing errors and broken links and content that appeals to your target audience. 

Ways in which I can help to grow your business through optimisation:

  • Drive traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Boost sales
  • Fix and improve existing websites 
  • Maximise brand awareness
  • Provide ongoing SEO strategy to suit YOU 

Expert SEO Manchester services that increase business growth

By working with me, you can access my years of experience in SEO and trust me to lead your online presence, leaving you free to manage your core business. Services I offer: 

Full SEO strategy 

Allow me to complete a site audit and carry out thorough competitive keyword research based on actual data that shows what your customers are actually searching for. If you already have an SEO strategy, I can tell you what is working well and which areas need some improvements to see results. 

PPC (Pay-per-Click) 

I will manage Google adverts for you, allowing you the freedom to focus on where your time is better spent. With my PPC service, I will track your clicks and conversions and regularly check how your adverts are performing to optimise your ROI. 

Lead generation 

It’s one thing to lead your audience to your page, it’s quite another to ensure they convert. I can create for your business a high-performing SEO strategy that will provide consistent qualified leads, allowing you to do what you do best: convert them into sales. 

SEO assessment 

SEO is a long term strategy that can bring your business a great return. With any search campaign, there are always improvements to be made to ensure you are getting the most from your investment. No matter how much you do optimise for search engines, there are always more things you can do, such as improve your domain authority, build backlinks, add and optimise more content. I will carry out an independent assessment to determine any improvements

Expert SEO services for Manchester: outperform your competitors

What to expect from the SEO process:

SEO audit 

I will conduct a full audit of your website. Looking at a number of technical factors, I can determine your overall site health. Most common errors are easily fixed, but also easily missed – allow me to bring fresh eyes to your site and look at page speed, design and conversion rates. 

Competitor analysis 

I can look at how your competitors are performing for your keywords, taking into consideration their keyword optimisations, rankings, SERPs and backlinks – and how you can bring visitors over to your site instead.

Keyword research 

Using a variety of tried and trusted tools, I will carry out extensive keyword research. Finding the right keywords to attract your target audience requires research, so let me take the load. 

To begin with, I can discover which words your website currently ranks for, what similar sites rank for those keywords, how you compare to those other sites and how many people are actually searching for those keywords. At this point, it will become clearer as to which keywords you should be focusing on in your campaigns. 

SEO strategy 

Using information gathered from competitor analysis and keyword research, I will draft an SEO strategy that puts the needs of your business – and its customers – first. I will be on hand to guide you through the strategy and to make recommendations. 

On-page SEO 

I will ensure that your target keywords are mentioned in all the right places on your site, optimising them for both search engines and users. I will optimise content, titles and descriptions, URLs and internal links to send clear keyword signals to search engines. 

Off-page SEO and link building 

Well-placed, relevant and keyword-friendly links can provide great SEO results for your Manchester business. I can build high-quality links to your website and landing pages; by optimising your pages, you can increase your ranking and see real results. 


I believe in honest and straightforward SEO reporting. I will personally update you on your SEO progress and provide accurate data that you can trust. By closely monitoring your strategy, I can adapt elements of your campaigns to ensure the best decisions are made for progress. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Improving your ranking will bring in more website traffic; I can help you to maximise your visitor conversion rate and make the most of the increase. I will look at how you can continue to make upgrades to your site to improve conversions, whether that’s through calls to action or the content itself. 

Why work with me on your Manchester SEO project? 

As a freelance SEO consultant, I offer SEO services with measurable results from my office in South Manchester to businesses across Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK. 

Many businesses who first search for Manchester-based SEO agencies soon realise that agency prices are too high for their budget. As an independent SEO consultant, I am able to offer the same agency service at a much more affordable price. But why else should you work with me? 

  • Bespoke – Every business is different, so every SEO campaign should reflect that. By working with me, your Manchester business will benefit from an SEO strategy that is tailored specifically to your business goals.
  • Flexible – Not every business needs end-to-end delivery of an SEO campaign. I can provide a flexible approach to your business needs.
  • Results-driven – For all Manchester SEO campaigns, I will work with you to set clear objectives that will help you to achieve your overall business goals. 

Transparency – To see real results from SEO campaigns, everything must be transparent. I will share documents and reports with you to ensure everybody knows what is happening, when and why.

SEO strategy that works for you

SEO is a core service I provide clients to ensure their online visibility is the best it can be. Investing in SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time to see real, tangible results. But those results are definitely worth it. 

Ready to start your Manchester SEO campaign? Give me a call on 07702 288369 or please fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!


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