SEO Assessment

How good is your website’s SEO?

If you’re running an SEO strategy, you need to ensure that you’re optimising your website correctly in order to produce the best results for your business. You need an SEO assessment.

A review of your current SEO will analyse your site and find ways to optimise and improve it so that you can rank higher in search results, get more traffic and convert more customers.

What is an SEO assessment?

An SEO assessment involves analysing your website to see how your SEO is currently performing and find opportunities to improve it. Reviewing your SEO helps you identify missing opportunities that you can use to improve your ranking. Before you embark on any SEO strategy, you must understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Why do you need to do an SEO assessment?

An SEO assessment is a critical starting point for achieving your larger SEO goals. It will give you a clear indication of what work needs to be done in order to reach those objectives. If you don’t assess your website SEO, you won’t know how to generate the best results for your business and are likely to miss out on search opportunities – opportunities that your competitors snap up.

An SEO assessment will help you to make more strategic decisions for your business and allow us to build and implement a bespoke SEO strategy that will increase traffic and conversions.

Assessing your SEO: What I will do:

An SEO assessment looks at both on-page and off-page SEO. Below we look at some of the areas I cover to help optimise your search strategy.

Keyword targeting

To help your website appear in search results, you need to target relevant keywords. The right keywords will help you to appear in front of the right audience, who are looking for your products or services. In the assessment, I will look at keyword ranking, selection and integration. By doing extensive keyword research, you will see which keywords are the best ones to target in future SEO campaigns, in order to get the best results and a greater ROI.

Title tags and meta descriptions

Any SEO assessment should analyse your site’s title tags and meta descriptions. Both of these appear in search results and provide searchers with a preview of your page. Google also uses both to help determine if your page is relevant to someone’s search, so if your titles and meta descriptions are lacking originality, I will recommend updating the copy and making them more interesting for readers. In the assessment I will also review the length of your titles and look for use of relevant keywords.

As one of the primary purposes of an SEO assessment is to make sure that your site is search-friendly, alongside titles and meta descriptions, I will also look at URLs and image alt tags.


If your site is not responsive or mobile-friendly, you are unlikely to make an impact on search. Since Google rolled out mobile-first indexing, having a mobile-friendly website is critical. An SEO assessment can review how your site functions on mobile devices. I will:

  • Look at how your site appears on mobile
  • Test mobile-friendly features and how well they work
  • Check site speed on mobile

If you want to rank in search results, your site must be mobile-friendly, so this is a key part of an SEO assessment.


Content plays a vital role in helping your site rank in search results. Every SEO assessment should analyse the content that sits on your site. Is your content delivering for your target audience? Is the content digestible for readers and easily scannable for Google

An SEO assessment will help you to improve your content offering. I will look at the length of your content, the topics you’ve focused on and the format that it takes, to ensure it is easy to read. With the information found from the assessment, I can begin to optimize your content for relevant industry search terms – this will help to bring your content to the most relevant audience.


Backlinks are inbound links to your site from reputable sites. These links help to build your site’s authority and can bring relevant traffic to your site. Google uses backlinks to help determine your site’s trustworthiness and these types of links can significantly influence your ranking in search results. An SEO assessment will look at who links to you, how many links exist to your site and which links are active. It will also determine any broken links and I will be on hand to make recommendations for fixing those.


Understanding who your competition are and what SEO work that they have been implementing is absolutely key to developing an SEO strategy. This is an often-overlooked element of an SEO campaign and it amazes me that it is not taken in to account with a lot of agencies who offer SEO. Without knowing how strong the competition’s SEO it is impossible to know what and how much work we need to implement on your website. A thorough evaluation of the top-ranking websites for the keywords that you wish to target will give us a clear understanding of the gap between you and the competition and we can put forward our suggestions to compete with them.

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