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Graeme Winchester, the face behind Detail Marketing, is a freelance SEO and PPC consultant specialising in developing detailed marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Detail was born in response to many marketing companies offering off the shelf packages that are not tailored to grow a business.

At Detail, I believe that businesses need to tailor their marketing campaigns to align with wider business ambitions, with a detailed plan that allows them to grow over time. Larger businesses often need a marketing campaign that can allow them to compete in the toughest of marketplaces – and no off the shelf package is going to achieve this.

Detailed search marketing campaigns involve research, competitor and market analysis and a clear understanding of your business goals.

It is the role of your SEO consultant to develop a strategy to meet them in a timescale that provides a high return on investment (ROI). The strategy is likely to change as the business grows and your consultant needs to be proactive and suggest improvements and growth opportunities along the way.

If you are looking for an SEO or PPC consultant that is proactive, does the required research to understand your marketplace, understands how to improve your business’s visibility and will work closely with you to achieve your goals, then please get in touch to discuss your project.


The things I do

The services I offer can be categorised into four areas:

A bit about me

Are you looking for a freelance SEO consultant?

As an SEO freelancer with over 11 years of experience, I have worked with clients across the globe to improve their search marketing through organic SEO and PPC.

I have a proven track record of delivering real results for businesses, whether that involves increasing organic traffic, creating and implementing a long-term SEO strategy or researching highly relevant keywords to improve ranking positions.

As an SEO freelancer, I am well-placed to provide a flexible, fully bespoke service to all my clients. Allow me to tailor your SEO strategy to your long-term business goals.

Striking a balance between freelancer and agency: Why choose me as your SEO consultant?

Because I fully understand how difficult it can be to grow your digital presence online – and so my experience as an SEO freelancer enables me to make the process easier for you.

Bringing me on board as your freelance SEO consultant means that I can offer you competitive rates and a personal relationship throughout each campaign. I can offer you an agency service, without the agency overheads.

You can enjoy…

Lower overheads

I bring agency knowledge, at a more cost-effective price.

This provides my clients with a higher return on investment from their SEO and PPC spends.

Close relationship

Throughout any campaign, you will have direct contact with me. I can help to guide you through the SEO process from start-to-finish, resulting in better communication and greater overall performance.


Who do I work with?

As an experienced freelance SEO consultant, I have worked with clients of all sizes, across a range of industries. From small local businesses seeking local traffic, right up to some of the largest national e-commerce brands, who compete in the toughest of marketplaces. My bespoke SEO service will be personally tailored to your industry and needs, with every Detail considered, so your objectives will always be put first.

Whether you are a small local business or a national brand, SEO matters. It can be the difference between a potential customer coming across your site on Google and not – and we all know that more traffic = more sales.

As an SEO freelancer, I work closely with clients to help them improve their website rankings through white hat link building strategies, producing content that engages and excites and researching relevant and targeted keywords.

Over the last decade, I have built up a wealth of industry-specific knowledge that enables me to make data-driven recommendations to clients about next steps in their campaigns.

So whether you’re a startup, a large corporation, a B2B or a nonprofit, we can work together and improve your digital marketing.

Nice words from great clients…

“After using many agencies and consultants unsuccessfully in the past we decided to give Graeme a chance. We are glad that we did. Graeme is a true expert in search marketing and has helped us grow our traffic and sales considerably, we can’t recommend him enough.”

Say Hello!

How will I help you?

The SEO process

Understanding your business objectives

This is the first part of any freelance SEO consultant’s process – every project will start with an initial conversation to outline the goals and objectives of your website. Whether that’s to increase organic traffic, improve your search ranking or target a more defined audience, together we will focus on your aims. This initial evaluation is a critical part of the SEO process, as it enables us to build an SEO strategy that drives engaged users.

Auditing your current SEO

An SEO audit will determine the areas of your site that need some work. Some common issues that are often identified in an SEO audit include:

  • Poor site structure
  • Confusing URL structures
  • Crawl errors within Google Search Console
  • Broken links, where redirects are needed
  • No alt text on images
  • Uninteresting meta descriptions
  • No internal links between pages
  • Unoptimised title tags
  • Lots of external links which take your customers away from your website

The aim of the audit is to see how your website performs on a technical level; if any issues are identified, I can begin to prioritise fixes for you, to ensure your site SEO is soon in perfect health. 

Analyse your competitors

Competitor analysis is key when you are looking to grow your online presence.

Using my SEO knowledge and tried and tested techniques, I will analyse your competitors’ websites. The data found from this analysis  will provide me with an insight into who is benefiting from organic traffic, which keywords are most valuable and which backlink strategies work best for your target audience.

Engage in keyword research

Getting web content  just right can be hard, so allow me to take over the stress of keyword research. I can find the keywords that customers in your niche are already using for search. This will include both short and long-tailed keywords, which will enable us to develop a longer-term plan for your content strategy and allow us to bring an increased amount of traffic to your website.

Evaluate, refine and update

To get the most out of any SEO consultant, you must track progress. Search is a longer-term investment and in order to see the best ROI possible, you need to evaluate regularly. By using an SEO freelancer, you are getting a dedicated service, tailored exactly to the requirements of your business. It is my job to review, refine and update your search campaigns to ensure they remain relevant and boost your overall ranking.

At each stage of an SEO project, I will provide regular updates to show how everything is progressing and will make clear recommendations as and when required.

Some top benefits of SEO

By bringing me on board to grow your business online, you’ll get all the benefits of a freelance SEO consultant. These include:

An increase in organic traffic

Organic SEO continues to be one of the best ways to grow your business online. With a solid SEO plan, you can target quality traffic in search, bring more relevant visitors to your website and increase your conversions.

An increase in trust and credibility

From using targeted keywords and adding links, to crafting great content, SEO builds credibility and trust in multiple ways. This trust and credibility allows people to come to your website for more information. Build your website credibility with the help of an SEO consultant.

More user-friendly website

Users expect their online experiences to be easy. If you cannot deliver them a slick visit, they are more likely to head on over to a competitor site. By implementing an SEO strategy backed by actual search data, you can ensure that your website is fast, reliable and intuitive for visitors.

Reduced acquisition costs

A good SEO strategy is one that attracts traffic that converts, reducing your customer acquisition costs and boosting revenue. The good news is that SEO is much less cost-prohibitive than advertising to acquire clients. Good SEO is the best form of digital marketing and with the help of an SEO freelancer, you can be assured that you’re on track to increase your search engine ranking for less than the usual advertising costs.

Creates a level playing field

If you’re a smaller business, you might be consistently overlooked by potential customers due to global organisations flexing their extensive marketing budgets. SEO helps to redress the balance to some extent, so aside from the cost of an SEO consultant, SEO should cost you nothing but time. If you’re committed to improving your search performance, smaller businesses have just as much chance as the big guys to make an impact.

Short term effort, long term reward

Unlike a Google Adwords or Facebook ads campaign, where your leads will disappear once you stop paying, the improvements made to your website by an SEO consultant will remain. An SEO freelancer is really an investment; it takes time and commitment to master. But get it right, and the effects can be long term, taking your business to the next level and solidifying its online presence for years to come.

Oh, and just before you ask, here’s my answer to the most frequently asked question in the world of SEO…

“When will I reach #1 on Google?”

This is a very typical SEO response, but I’m afraid the answer’s not an easy one. Any SEO agency that ‘guarantees’ you will be ranking in the number one spot on Google is overpromising. And experience tells me that you’ll likely be left disappointed (and out of pocket) if you believe them.

An experienced SEO freelancer can help you to outperform your competitors and improve your site’s ranking for certain keywords. Yes, you might start to rank very highly as a result too – but in the world of search, there are no guarantees.

My advice is to hire an SEO consultant who looks at the bigger picture and focuses on increasing website traffic and bringing in more enquiries. That will stand you in good stead for rising up the search rankings. Are you ready to get started?


With Detail, you have found your digital marketing specialist. Whether you’d like a quote for your project, or simply want to enquire about working together on an SEO project, I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch today and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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